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final-Yolanda055Thanks to all the moms and others that participated in Mama Love. I had no idea how much I needed to learn to get this project in book form.  My mentor, Joyce Tenneson, provided the excitement, incentive and technical support to make things happen. Makeup artists Kawanna Foman , Kim Reyes  and Sharon Richmond  did an astounding job of bringing out the natural beauty of the mothers. Karen Willoughby, Ora Heathman and Danny Conant came to my rescue and handled all manner of tasks from baby wrangler to executive assistant. Roberto Kamide, my design and Photoshop guru, provided crash courses in file preparation and layout. Thanks to each of you for the energy and professional expertise you brought to this endeavor. 
Publishing and distribution of the book was postponed in order to manage an ongoing family health crisis.  Printing will commence as soon as matters stabilize.

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