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John Harrod

John Harrod, founder and Executive Director of Market 5 Gallery, died Aug. 23, 2010. There will be a celebration of his life Oct. 9, 7-10:30 pm in the space Market 5 Gallery occupied for over 35 years. John Harrod's family, the board and friends of Market 5 Gallery invite you to celebrate his vision, accomplishments and life with us.  

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John's visionary leadership transformed the north hall and plaza of Eastern Market into an international haven for visual, literary and performing artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and patrons of the arts.  The board of Market 5 Gallery remains committed to his life's work of creating opportunities for creative expression.  We are in the process of reorganizing and carrying out objectives John initiated after Market 5 Gallery's departure from the north hall of  Eastern Market. 

To that end, tax deductible contributions toward John's life celebration and the continuation of his work will be welcomed at the event and by mail.  Checks should be made to OYE' PALAVER HUT with a notation for Market 5 Gallery and sent c/o Wendy Freeman Jones, 415 M St. NE, Washington, DC 20002.  OYE' PALAVER HUT is Market 5 Gallery's fiscal sponsor during this period of reorganization.